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About GameBox Docs GameBox is a hub for a verity of single- and multiplayer games.
Installation Docs **WIP**
Module dependencies Docs Modules can depend on specific versions of GameBox or other modules.
Internationalisation Docs Modules can have there own language files. By default these files should be in a subfolder of the GameBox language directory.
GameBox Modules Docs Modules can add functionality to GameBox like for example additional games. They can be installed in-game or manually by downloading a `.jar` file into the `modules` folder.
My first Module Docs You can develop your own module in java and add it to your GameBox installation. If you want to make it available to others you can upload it to the GameBox cloud.
The configuration file Docs The main configuration file of GameBox is `config.yml` and can be found in the data folder. Here, general settings like the used language file or settings regarding the database are set.
The modules file Docs The modules file contains persistent information about installed modules.