Modules can add functionality to GameBox like for example additional games. They can be installed in-game or manually by downloading a .jar file into the modules folder.

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What are modules?

GameBox modules can be installed to add functionality like for example games. Anyone can write a module and make it available for the public by uploading it on the GameBox cloud.

The currently installed modules can be found in the modules folder. Module data like configuration or other custom files can be found in subfolders of the module folder. The name of the module’s data folder usually is the id of the module and should closely represents the module name. For a list of currently installed modules you can check the file modules.yml in the modules folder.

The module cloud

The module cloud contains publicly available modules. It makes installation a lot easier via in-game commands or a GUI. In the future everyone will be able to upload their own modules to the cloud.

Installing modules

Modules can be manually installed or via the module cloud.

Since there is no vetting of modules from third parties, please be careful and backup your server before installing modules. You should inform yourself about the function of the module beforehand.

From the cloud

Installing modules from the cloud can be easily done in-game via commands (modules install <module-id>) or from a GUI. The GUI method is preferred, since it can show additional information about each module (like the author, a description and release notes) and does not require you to know the module-id.


To manually install a module simply drop the .jar file in the modules folder and reload GameBox.

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